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This year because of the snow day, camp will run from Tues-Fri. We added an extra hour to the camp sessions to make up for any lost time from Monday. The athletes will start the morning with our Skills Camp.  This camp will focus on the fundamentals of basketball, but also teach the athletes cutting edge moves that are used in all levels of basketball today.  The Individual Offensive Skills Camp will be two hours of constant teaching, instruction and fun.  There are no guest speakers and no breaks, just learning and skill work for the entire session. The second part of the day will be devoted to our North Shore Team Camp. During this session, the athletes will be divided into teams of equal ability and learn to work as one under the guidance of the varsity coaches and college and high school athletes.  This camp will run for three hours with more of an emphasis on team skills, movement, and team offensive and defensive principles. 


Location: North Shore Middle School 

Dates: June 26th - 29th 

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

**please bring lunch**

Basketball Camp (3-9)

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